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Media Appearances


My calendar of media appearances prior to December 2015 was sadly lost due to a technical mishap.

Here is a summary of the most important media that have interviewed me before then:


December 14th, 2015: True Life Academy. With Clarence Caldwell. (Radio).


February 1st, 2016: The Life Changes Show (#357). With Filippo Voltaggio and Mark Laisure. (Radio).

The Life Changes Show

March 26th, 2016: Breast Cancer  and Laughter Summit (Skype interview)

March 28th, 2016: Pasadena Weekly (Newspaper article)


April 3rd, 2016: Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet – The Best Stress Management Advice I Ever Received (Newspaper article)


April 14th, 2016: Middays with Michele Dawn Mooney (Radio)

Middays with Michele Dawn Mooney

April 21st, 2016: Radio Acariciame, with Sandra Pelaez


April 29th, 2016: Frente a Frente (Estrella TV)

April 29th, 2016: Santa Monica Mirror, West Side Today (Newspaper articles)

May 1st, 2016: F-Comedy’s live video

May 8th, 2016: Inti Network (TV, Ecuador)



January 10th, 2017: • Scientifically-Proven Ways To Beat The January Blues

[Intern got sidetracked and didn’t keep track :-(]

October 25, 2017: Convergence Healing Podcast

November 4th, 2017: TEDx Manhattan Beach